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"I'm running to keep working for working families, seniors, and students."

Proven Progress

Supervisor Gordon Mar has a proven record of making progress for the people of the Sunset and San Francisco, and he's ready to continue the fight for everyday San Franciscans on the Board of Supervisors.


As a labor and community organizer, nonprofit director, environmental commissioner, and member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Gordon Mar has always put working people and communities first.


Gordon has fought for more affordable housing, economic justice, better transit, safer streets, a cleaner and greener City, and a stronger democracy — and he’s delivered. Gordon secured the next decade of Free City College, won raises for public school teachers, authored the strongest dark money disclosure law in the nation, and has consistently stood up to special interests and fought for working families.


We deserve a leader who is rooted in our values, who represents us, and who is ready to get big things done.

Gordon’s Record


Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

There is no place in our communities for anti-Asian hate or property crime. Gordon has worked hard to ensure that the Sunset gets the safety services it needs, because everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has kept us safe by:

  • Creating a Five-Point Sunset District Community Safety Plan, which includes dedicated D4 community safety ambassadors, senior escorts, free video doorbell installation for seniors, and the creation of the Sunset Safety Squad and Sunset Safety Network;

  • Requiring SFPD to report crime victim demographics by sponsoring the Crime Victim Data Disclosure Ordinance; and

  • Spearheading the Public Safety Violence Prevention and Victim Services Plan to combat the recent rise in hate crimes and anti-Asian violence with preventive measures and increased victim support services.

Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

Ensuring Adequate Housing for Our Community

San Francisco should be a city for all kinds of families at all income levels. Gordon has delivered on his promise to create more housing opportunities for our community, to ensure that we and our neighbors can continue to call the Sunset home.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has helped tackle the housing crisis by:

  • Championing two affordable housing projects dedicated entirely to teachers and working families, the first two of their kind in the history of the Sunset;

  • Eliminating fees and red tape, and increasing incentives for homeowners to expand their homes, build Accessory Dwelling Units and create new middle-income housing opportunities; and 

  • Preventing the eviction of dozens of moderate income seniors and families by facilitating the conversion of three Sunset apartment buildings into 100% affordable housing.

Ensuring Adequate Housing for Our Community

Supporting Our Schools, Students, and Teachers

High quality schools are what make the Sunset District a beacon for working families. Gordon has fought to protect quality, affordable education by supporting investments in our K-12 schools and City College, securing raises for local teachers, and increasing access to academic programs.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has protected quality, affordable education by:

  • Guaranteeing Free City College for the next 10 years, so that cost is never a barrier to getting a quality education;

  • Expanding access to Free City College for seniors, English language learners, working adults, and high school students by creating City College Sunset and securing funding for Early College;

  • Securing raises for public school teachers and increasing educator training and support through dedicated sources of local funding, including the Workforce Education and Recovery Fund; and

  • Funding STEAM programs at all Sunset District schools and expanding before and after school care at elementary schools citywide.

Supportig Quality, Affordable Education

Protecting Neighborhood Small Businesses

The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and particularly on our community’s small businesses. The Sunset’s small businesses are the backbone of our neighborhoods, and Gordon has made certain they were not left behind when COVID-19 hit.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has been a leading voice for small businesses by:

  • Keeping businesses open throughout the Pandemic by waiving burdensome fees and securing permanent status for the Shared Spaces program;

  • Protecting businesses from vandalism and crime by creating the Storefront Vandalism Relief Grant Program; and

  • Creating Sunset Strong – the first ever comprehensive registry and online resource of all Sunset small businesses – to encourage shopping local and supporting our neighbors.

protecting neighborhood

Fighting for Essential Workers, First Responders, and Veterans

Too often, frontline workers, first responders, and veterans don’t get the respect or support they deserve for all the sacrifices they make for us. Gordon has always been a fierce advocate for working people and veterans.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has been there for veterans, first responders, and frontline workers by:

  • Expanding paid sick leave for more than 200,000 workers to support working families and protect public health during the pandemic;

  • Providing our City’s veterans with housing and homelessness services, as well as waiving veterans’ parks and recreation fees; and

  • Getting tens of thousands of laid off workers their jobs back by supporting the right to re-employment for any worker laid off as a result of the pandemic.

fighting for veterans

Preparing for Climate Change

Climate change is here and its effects are growing stronger. We must move to address them and prepare for more wildfires, significant sea level rise, and other environmental challenges. Gordon has been a champion for the environment and has led us to face these climate realities. 


As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has combatted climate change and prepared for its effects by:

  • Expanding fire and emergency response to keep our neighborhoods safe by authoring legislation to ensure the Emergency Firefighting Water System covers all unprotected neighborhoods, including the entirety of the Sunset District;

  • Declaring a Climate Emergency to fast track our City efforts to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions;

  • Reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases by co-sponsoring the All Electric Building Ordinance and commissioning a study and strategy on building decarbonization; and

  • Supporting the Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project, the City’s first major infrastructure project to enhance resilience to climate change.

preparing for climate change

Increasing Transparency and Accountability in City Government

Local government must earn the trust of its constituents, not take it for granted. Gordon has made a priority of increasing transparency at City Hall, demanding accountability of our elected and appointed leaders, and rooting out corruption from the source.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has fought for clean, open government by:

  • Increasing the transparency of campaign contributions and political donations by authorizing the Sunlight on Dark Money ballot initiative, the strongest accountability initiative of its kind in the nation;

  • Exposing fraud, corruption, and mismanagement in the SFPUC, leading to significant reforms and additional accountability mechanisms for that department; and

  • Ensuring fair, open, and honest elections by strengthening the City’s public election financing program;

increased tansparency

Enhancing the Sunset’s Unique Quality of Life

The Sunset is a vibrant, tight-knit community with strong neighborhood pride. Gordon has been proud to raise his family here and has worked hard to maintain the character of our neighborhoods.

As Supervisor, Gordon Mar has enhanced our local quality of life by:

  • Initiating the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market and Mercantile, which supports small businesses and brings our community together weekly;

  • Creating the Sunset Chinese Cultural District to uplift the Chinese community and create a sense of cultural identity among the Asian members of the neighborhood;

  • Investing in Sunset Boulevard to begin addressing years of deferred maintenance, and spearheading the Sunset Boulevard Master Plan; and

  • Championing neighborhood preservation by initiating landmark status for the Trocadero Clubhouse.

enhancing the sunsets
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